Turn to Distance

from by Jacob Miller



Until the gears have stopped turning in the desert
beneath the trains that run there from my mind
bearing salt and gold I guess, mostly dry dust and corn husk,
until then I'll be leaving for a time.

When you see what I've been making in this wasteland
(inside a beehive I turn cities in my hands
and I'm lost I must suppose, among things that I must know,
a library of dust, a bridge of sand),

When you see the bright new things that I will carry,
language, terset lines, a turn of phrase,
all the art that I have left: the only grace that I possess,
do you think maybe you'll talk to me again?

I don't feel what I don't make, so certain things are hard to take;
always changing all my thoughts to find myself where I am lost.
If I had something to say,
I'd just write it down later and keep walking away.

When I ride the boat back over across the ocean,
returning from the land of wine-dark seas
I'll stink of lion skins and bronze, metaphors for God
but I'll wash it off until my mind can breathe.

Gears still turn to distance the emotion;
now there's artifice in everything thing I do.
Turn this silent thing to art, give it voice, estrange the heart
from what it's made and what it's turning into.


from Changing Signs, released April 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Miller Grinnell, Iowa

slow music for slow feelings


page artwork by destini powell

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