Nothing Left

from by Jacob Miller



Drive like the highway's not frozen behind you,
drive like the winter's not filling your lungs -
spun out on the roadside, my hands are shaking hard,
shame and half-felt prayer on the tip of my tongue

snow piles up on the windshield, still don't know who to call,
i left with no direction, i don't think i've come that far,
There's a flare in the glovebox and a blanket on my lap,
but I've already found you, what's the use in a map?

In my head i play it back, everything you ever said to me
and i know it's a long, long time that you've been trying to make me leave:
so you say, keep driving, keep driving , 'til there is nothing left
but a vacant heart keeps trying, keeps trying, 'til there is nothing left

My hands cradle the wheel, believe I'm holding your head,
stroking your hair, saying take me someplace I haven't been before,
and you turn back on your side, shake me off like a bad dream,
and my own changing language can't tell me what this means.

Call for help, start the car: get back onto the road -
pick a direction, doesn't matter where you go.
Three quarters of a tank, vague hopes, my self-respect -
keep driving, keep driving, until there is nothing left.


from Changing Signs, released April 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Miller Grinnell, Iowa

slow music for slow feelings


page artwork by destini powell

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