from by Jacob Miller



Sitting under the ribbon lights,
across the river from a friend of mine
let the night pass by along the river,
let the night pass by along the river.

The wind is cold but I wait like a stone
you can't turn back without moving alone
I got a friend 'cross the river, take real good care of me
pallet on the floor, a strong cup of sympathy

Funny how friends, they come and go,
their hearts get tangled in the undertow.

Low tide on the Thames is a naked blade
all the sharpened shoals and old remains
water's fast and dark and I am far from home
water's fast and dark and I am far from home

Colored light on water and an absence in the dark,
I think this city's found a hole in my heart
and it pulls me down, I can feel the water's longing;
all this river's ever been, errant need and wanting.

I feel like a stranger inside my own skin:
I'm choking on the shadows of dead soldiers and kings
there's Roman spears out in the sediment
but I'm saving up my sentiment
for a friend of mine, across the river tonight.

From here Blackfriars is but the length of your hand,
I'd burn every bridge if that ship would just land,
carry you safe tonight along the river
let the night lay down, quiet along the river

In this city built on Saxon bones,
the future's clear but the past unknown
and the truth it runs as fast and cold as water
and the truth it runs as quiet and cold as water
and my friend I might as well try to hold the water


from Changing Signs, released April 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Miller Grinnell, Iowa

slow music for slow feelings


page artwork by destini powell

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