From Where I Stand

from by Jacob Miller



I could never see for shit -
stared at the winter sun when I was a kid
it blunted my sight if anything ever did.

So now I cannot read the lines,
spiderwebs on the map, just scribbles to my eyes,
between the holes that I burned while searching for a light.

Through these lenses streaked with dust,
I don't like the things I see, hard to know myself to trust
I cannot find my direction, but sitting still is not enough.

now the time that I'm in is made of sides changing in the sand
and now i cannot see my feet for to know where I stand

it gets harder to define
where all of this ends, where I can tell the wrong from right
wheels drift across the dividing line

it gets easier to lie,
to say I see what I cannot and it is easy to decide,
and I know which way I'm going when I leave here tonight.

now the false clock ticks time, 'til the moon is buried in the sand;
there must be a way to what I want but I can't see from where I stand.


from Changing Signs, released April 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Miller Grinnell, Iowa

slow music for slow feelings


page artwork by destini powell

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