Changing Signs

from by Jacob Miller



Came back home, all the roads had different names,
all my friends had moved away,
the signs keep changing.

Never certain anymore, called an old friend on the phone,
to hear his voice just to know
I'd still see him in a year or so.

home's not what it was, means something different now
north takes the place of south
on a compass spinning

rivers change course while I sleep,
mountains move,
the old maps that I have
are no longer of use

Though the landscapes change, you yourself will remain,
same broken thing, a different place,
what difference did you think it'd make?

Can't escape mistakes, didn't seem wrong but it wasn't right
can't trust the words, can't trust my sight,
nothing left I can define.

Oh vacant, broken language -
words, stay the same,
don't leave me with names
for people now strangers

Came back home,
and I held my father
but my father was old
and my structures of meaning
are starting to fold

and I keep thinking in a tense suspended
between what it means in my mind
and the writing still wet on the changing signs.

the rooms I walk through now, something in them is broken down
names on doors in a quiet house,
all that's left is leaving now

I'll remain as I am, but I can't call it a stand,
when what I've built here in the sand,
is fast and fleeting, a broken meaning.

Stay the same for one more year
and tell me you'll still be here.


from Changing Signs, released April 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Miller Grinnell, Iowa

slow music for slow feelings


page artwork by destini powell

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